8 Best Mini Food Processor & Chopper Reviews (Updated 2018)

While we all are aware of the countless health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, finding the time to chop them or cut them to prepare a nice meal out of them is not always the most compelling task. The best mini food processor can spare you from much trouble of using traditional tools like knife, chopping board and mortar and can complete the tedious meal preparation tasks in a merely seconds. Mini food processors or food choppers will not only save your precious time and efforts but it will also encourage your kids to help safely with the cooking tasks without the dangers of injury while using a knife.

We have searched far and wide for the best products in the market and then put together a perfect list of mini food processor reviews for you to choose from. Whichever product you select from our reviews will fulfill all your chopping requirements with perfection.

Best Mini Food Processors in Summary

1Cuisinart CH-4DC Mini Food Chopper/Processorplastic, stainless-steel 4 Cup 3.5 lbs5.25 x 8.25 x 10.15 in
2KitchenAid KFC3511OB Food ChopperPlastic3.5 Cup 3 lbs 7 x 5 x 9.5 in
3Cuisinart DLC-1 Mini-Prep Food ProcessorPlastic3 Cup3.46 Pound6.8 x 6.9 x 10.2 in
4Presto Professional Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredderplastic, stainless-steel 2.63 Cup 2.92 lbs6.25 x 4.62 x 8 in
5Kenwood Mini Food ProcessorStainless Steel 0.3 liter bowl 2.09 pounds 4.7 x 7.5 x 5.7 in

Mini Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart CH-4DC Mini Food Chopper/Processor

One of the top rated among the collection of mini food processors in the market is this 4 cups chopper available in 3 different colors including white, black and silver to match with any kitchen setting.  The processor can handle most kinds of chopping, grinding, mixing and pureeing that goes on in the kitchen using only 2 simple options on its control panel, ‘chop’ and ‘grind’. When the reversible blades rotate in the direction of the sharp edge, they will chop the softer ingredients with perfection while the reverse rotation will grind the harder ingredients like nuts or spices with ease. These blades will lock in place while in operation and also while pouring out the processed contents for your safety and convenience. Although simple in operation and small in capacity, the 250 watts motor housed inside the base is powerful for its size and is capable enough for many everyday tasks. The parts are all dishwasher safe to keep your hands off the messy work. You will additionally get a spatula and a recipe booklet with the appliance along with an 18 month limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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KitchenAid KFC3511OB Food Chopper

Available in exciting colors to brighten up your kitchen, this small device is the perfect food processor for preparing meals for 2 or other small tasks like preparing salsa, humus, dips and more. With its strong and efficient stainless steel blades, is also the best tool for mincing little quantities of garlic, herbs or onion which your full-sized food processor will most likely fail to handle. With its small 3.5 cups processing bowl, compact design and convenient cord wrap, the device won’t take much space on your kitchen counter which is especially a benefit for smaller kitchens.  Despite its small size and low price tag, the appliance offers some versatility by offering 2 speed options: chop and puree to choose from depending on the results you want. The lid of the device also includes a ‘Wet Ingredient Adder’ to allow the incorporation of liquids like oil while the food is being processed. The lid is also BPA-free and dishwasher safe along with the processing bowl. 1 year replacement warranty which covers for any damage allows carefree usage of the appliance. In short, you will enjoy everything one would expect in a good food chopper.

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Cuisinart DLC-1 Mini-Prep Food Processor

This is a small but powerful food processing machine which is both a grinder and a chopper in a single unit. The reversible blade made with stainless steel has sharp and blunt edges so that when it rotates in one direction it will chop ingredients and when it rotates in the other direction it will grind them. You also have the option of choosing between 2 different speed options to cover a variety of different processing tasks involved in your everyday recipes. The 21 ounce work bowl sits on top of its brushed stainless steel base which not only gives it a modern look but also cleans easily. Besides its base, the lid, blades and the bowl are just as easy to clean since they are all dishwasher safe. The set will also include a spatula to transfer the processed content easily along with a recipe booklet for some interesting new ideas you can try with the appliance. The 18 months replacement warranty which comes with it means you can use it regularly without worrying about any damage for more than a year at the very least.

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Presto Professional Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Your salads can be more beautiful, professional and most important of all: more convenient simply if you have the right tool. If you make salads, pizzas, soups and tacos often, you could do much better than slicing and shredding vegetables with a knife and taking all day to present a single dish on the table. This salad shooter from Presto lets you slice and shred vegetables conveniently and quickly to use in a variety of different recipes. It comes with 4 conical attachments, each one for a different task including regular thickness of slices, thicker slices, ripple cutting and shredding. Apart from these attachments, there is also a funnel guide especially for your convenience. All the attachments can easily be cleaned up with the use of a dishwasher while the base can easily be wiped clean. The device may look a bit different from what you would expect from a regular grater/slicer but the usage is much simpler compared to the traditional tools. You will simply need to point the device in the direction of the bowl in which you want your shredded or sliced food and let the machine do the rest.

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Kenwood Mini Food Processor

If chopping the ingredients up for almost every recipe is annoying to you, you can seek the help of a convenient chopper like this one. This is a very simple device driven by a 300 watts strong motor which can process up to 150 grams of food at a time with a single blade and a single control button. You can push down the button momentarily for course chopping or continuously for finer results. When the processing is done, you simply have to twist the lid to lift the bowl to transfer the contents. After you have transferred the contents to a different container, you can simply wash the bowl and the lid by hand or inside a dishwasher for even more convenience. Apart from fruits and vegetables, this little device also works great with meat, herbs and for processing bread to make breadcrumbs. The good thing about the device is that it uniformly processes everything that is inside the bowl not leaving any unprocessed bits around the edges as is the case with many low-grade choppers. On the downside, you cannot use it for processing hard foods such as ice, sugar, coffee beans etc.

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