10 Best Commercial Food Processor for Professional Use 2018

If you own a restaurant, cafe or even a bakery which has a kitchen lacking a good commercial food processor, be informed that it is not even half as productive or as efficient as a kitchen of the same size which makes use of this marvelous device. These food processors are probably the most versatile tools you can bring to your kitchen to replace multiple employees and perform their jobs in a small fraction of the time. It can chop, grate, dice, mince, grind, shred, slice and even knead dough in only a few minutes which a bunch of employees would take hours to perform by hand.

Those who run their own business understand best why time is money and a commercial food processor undeniably helps you save a lot of time! However since there are loads of varieties and brands you can choose from, you should be able to understand which might suit your professional kitchen best. To help you pick the best workhorse for your eatery, here is our guide for selecting best professional food processor.

Best Commercial Food Processors in Summary

1Waring Commercial WFP16S Sealed Batch Bowl Food ProcessorPlastic 4-Quart 21.84 lbs 9.8 x 17.4 x 12.1 in
2Hobart HCC34-1A Combination Food ProcessorStainless SteelOne Size32.5 lbs15.8 x 19.2 x 8.8 in
3Robot Coupe R2B Food ProcessorStainless SteelOne Size 14.7 pounds 10.1 x 15.6 x 19.5 in
4Berkel C32/2-STD Food ProcessorN/AOne Size32.0 pounds13.8 x 11 x 23 in
5Waring WCG75 Pro Prep Commercial Chopper GrinderN/AN/A11.44 pounds21.6 x 16.9 x 15

Professional Food Processor Reviews

Waring Commercial WFP16S Sealed Batch Bowl Food Processor

Waring understands the high demands of a commercial kitchen which is exactly the reason why they have come up with this heavy-duty commercial food processor featuring a 2 HP motor and 4 quarts capacity of its sealed batch bowl. Its LiquiLock seal system allows you to process large quantities of liquids safely without any risks of spillage. The same seal system holds the S-blade locked inside the bowl while you are pouring out the contents. The scratch-resistant material of the bowl easily lets you see the contents and monitor the progress while the heavy-duty construction ensures long-term use.

A bunch of accessories make the food processor more versatile than it already is. Besides the regular S blade, you also get slicing, shredding and whipping discs with the unit. The control system is the simplest you could ask for with just 2 large on/off and pulse buttons so that your employees can use it without any guidance. Automatic shut-off capabilities are also included to prevent the machine from overheating. It is also certified by ETL for fulfilling all sanitation and safety standards so that you can let your employees use it without the slightest worry. The company also gives a 5 year warranty with the motor and 2 years on its parts.

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Hobart HCC34-1A Combination Food Processor

The day to day tasks of a busy commercial kitchen could not become easier than with this magnificent device which uses a large 3.2 quarts bowl to chop, slice, shred and dice ingredients. However, you are not bound by the 3.2 quarts capacity of the bowl since you can use the continuous feed chute of the food processor to process the ingredients out in a larger bowl if the batch bowl of the food processor is too small for the task. Three speeds are available for the bowl system while you can adjust between 2 speed options in case you are using the continuous feed operation.

The operations are powered by a heavy-duty, commercial grade motor of 1.5 HP housed inside the strong aluminum base. The cover of the bowl is made of clear, strong plastic to let you see inside while processing. There is also a dedicated wiper system to continuously clean the inside of the cover to let you see better and also to scrape the walls and the cover for faster and thorough processing. All the attachments including slicing, shredding and dicing plates can easily be attached and detached and additionally dishwasher safe for easier cleanup.

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Robot Coupe R2B Food Processor

Since Robot Coup is a leading name when it comes to commercial food processors, here is another model by the same company. The powerful machine is powered by a 1 HP motor and offers a large capacity of 3 quarts to cover all of the chopping, mixing, pureeing and many other tasks that are a part of everyday schedule of your commercial kitchen. The batch bowl is made of gray plastic while the cover is purposefully left plastic so that you can monitor the processing without removing the lid. The S blade that fits inside the bowl is made with stainless steel and can handle most tasks from emulsification, pureeing, mixing to chopping and grinding quite easily.

The controls are simple with large on/off and pulse buttons as with most of the other Robot Coup models. It also meets all the safety and sanitation standards which are guaranteed by the ETL certification that the model holds. Overall, the model is simple to use, reliable and lets you prepare many different dishes in a fraction of the time you would take preparing them manually. It makes a great addition to any commercial kitchen and even homes.

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Berkel C32/2-STD Food Processor

Made by a popular brand which has been producing culinary tools for quite some time now, this is a continuous feed food processor which can help you with all sorts of processing tasks from slicing, shredding, dicing to grating and even julienne cutting large amounts of ingredients as in a commercial kitchen. The powerful 1.5 HP motor is capable of processing food as fast as 4.4 lbs of ingredients in a minute.

Since there is no batch bowl, there is absolutely no restriction to the amount that can be processed in a go. The continuous feed chute will let the processed food pass into a separate bowl easily. Besides the pulse operation which is included in most commercial food processors, this one also includes 2 speed options for more flexibility. The pusher included in the unit helps you guide the ingredients into the chute keeping your hand a safe distance from the sharp edges to prevent any injury. The unit will include a slicing and shredding plate while you can purchase many other attachments as well at nominal prices to add even more versatility to your kitchen. The product is additionally UL certified for meeting all safety standards.

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Waring WCG75 Pro Prep Commercial Chopper Grinder

This durable chopper will work great at any restaurant whether small scale or large scale and the best part is that it will cost you much less than most commercial food processors. Furthermore, the ingenious separate bowl assembly for chopping and grinding which are powered by a strong ¾ HP motor quickly handles all your chopping and grinding requirements without mixing the flavors. The 3/4 quarts chopping bowl assembly works with the 2 blade hub and can be used for ingredients like herbs, garlic and onion while the ¾ quarts grinding bowl assembly works best with the 3 bowl assembly and can be used for grinding ingredients like cheese, chocolate and nuts.

On/off and pulse make the operation simple enough for anyone to understand without many instructions. All the parts are dishwasher safe for simple maintenance and also stack on top of each other for a compact storage. In addition, the unit is UL listed for fulfilling all the necessary safety standards and is also backed by a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. If you are looking for an affordable option for increasing your kitchen efficiency, this food processor by Waring is definitely worth a try!

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