9 Best Manual Hand Held Food Processor Reviews (Updated 2018)

Almost every recipe you choose to make uses a bunch of sliced, diced, shredded or chopped vegetables. If you are a lazy soul like me, you would instantly skip these recipes and jump onto the next one. If you’re smart enough, however, you will take out your manual food processor and be done with the preparation work in an instant. In many cases a manual food processor seems even handier than a full-sized electrical food processor since it is simpler to use, simpler to clean, smaller and does not use electricity. The small everyday tasks like chopping a bunch of onions for which you do not want to drag a heavy duty food processor to the kitchen counter, seem simpler with a hand food processor because of the simpler usage and simpler cleaning involved.

You will find loads of varieties in the market to select from and the best part is they are generally quite inexpensive. Different models might include different attachments to help out with a bunch of different tasks which may vary the prices a little bit. Here is a guide to help you select the best hand held food processor for your kitchen.

Manual Food Processor Reviews

My Healthy Way Mini Food Chopper

This compact manual food processor lets you chop, cut and even slice ingredients and store them inside the same bowl to have your meal on the go since it comes with a travel lid. The size is small enough to be conveniently packed away in your backpack to be carried to school or work with you while the blades are sharp enough to process fruits, vegetables and even nuts within minutes. Despite being simple in operation, it gives you complete control over the texture you want. You can process for only a little time for a chunky salad or process longer for a smooth puree which also makes it a great tool for making baby food.

Although an inexpensive tool, all its parts are highly durable, BPA-free for your safety and also very simple to clean. Overall, this manual food processor makes a great addition to your kitchen since it helps you eat healthier and cut down on your calorie intake without the extra efforts of cutting vegetables and fruits using a knife. You will simply need to shove a bunch of ingredients into the device, pull the string attached to the lid a few times and your meal is ready for you in just a couple of seconds.

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Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop

Kuhn Rikon has been producing cooking tools for many years now and has maintained a reputation for quality and performance in all of the devices it brings to the market. This manual chopper is another one of its popular products which can chop, puree and mince for you in just a few seconds. The sharpness of its stainless steel blades and their durability is worth mentioning since it is the reason why the product is such a big hit among customers.

Apart from the lid which needs to be hand-washed, all the other parts are dishwasher safe to save you from any hassle and the non-slip base keeps it steady during operation to ensure your safety. The blades move independently to quickly process the ingredients into a texture that you want. Fewer pulls on the string will result in a coarse chop while more pulls will produce finer results for a smooth puree. The capacity of 2 cups is sufficient for making salads for a small family, dips, sauces or even baby food. In short, with all the features and durability it offers, it is one of the finest hand held food processor that you will find in the market.

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Brieftons Manual Food Chopper

This hand food processor makes it very easy to prepare healthy salads, dips and sauces without any of the effort required through the use of a knife. Its sharp stainless steel blades can efficiently process many kinds of ingredients including fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, meat and even ice. Compact design, non-slip base, easy-to-pull string and dishwasher-safe bowl and blade are just few of the features that you will appreciate about this food processor. The bowl is BPA-free to ensure safety and 3 cups in capacity which is considerably larger as compared to most other manual food processors. The compact size not only makes it a great addition to a small kitchen but also feasible to take with you on your camping trips. Access to this simple tool means you have the option of preparing many different recipes in merely seconds including salsa, salads, hummus, pesto, baby food and even minced meat for another recipe. Every kitchen, whether big or small is bound to benefit from this convenient little tool even if you do have a full-sized professional food processor on your kitchen counter.

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Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper by Müeller

Although it functions manually, it is a heavy-duty food processor which is a great addition to not just homes but also restaurants. Chopping fruits, vegetables, cheese and many other types of ingredients is much easier and faster with this chopper than with a knife. Its BPA-free container can hold up to 4 cups of processed ingredients at a time which is a lot compared to most other manual food processors. There are 2 stainless steel discs available made with the finest quality stainless steel to chop even the hardest of the ingredients with perfect ease. All the parts of the food processor are certified by FDA for quality assurance, BPA-free for your health and dishwasher safe for a hassle free cleanup. The package also includes a cleaning brush for removing any remains that get stuck in the hard-to-reach corners. The product guarantees its durability with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer with a friendly customer support service that is readily available. Overall, buying this product is a big step towards healthy living.

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Vidalia Chop Wizard

Another great chopper is this handy device which operates manually and chops many different types of ingredients including fruits, vegetables and cheese in less than half the time you would take with a knife. With the simple and efficient operation that this device offers, it makes a great addition to any home or even a restaurant kitchen. The body is made from the finest quality plastic to last you years without any cracks or breakage while the color is a fresh green to brighten up your kitchen instantly. 2 sharp discs are available for chopping and dicing conveniently with the swift motion of your hands. The BPA-free container that holds the processed ingredients also works as a measuring cup whenever you need one since it has easy-to-read markings from ½ cups to 2 cups. All the parts are dishwasher safe so that you won’t have to worry about the cleanup while there is a convenient cleaning brush available as well to clean up the bits that get stuck to the corners of the lid. Living up to its name, it truly does make you kind of a wizard in your own kitchen!

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